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P&A Pallets & Packing Cases

P&A Pallets & Packing Cases is the founding division of the P&A Group and has been supplying pallets and packing cases to businesses operating throughout North Wales and the Northwest for thirty years. During this time we have acquired a reputation for producing high quality, reliable products backed by outstanding customer service. Operating within the ISO9001 quality standards, our pallets and packing cases are fully inspected, sorted and processed for quality assurance.

Our automated production lines ensure our pallets and packing cases are efficiently manufactured to consistently high standards. Our skilled workforce operates a flexible production process, which enables us to respond rapidly to fluctuations in market demand.

We manufacture pallets and packing cases to exact specifications. Pallets manufactured on site can be heat-treated or kiln-dried to comply with international export regulations, ISPM15. Pallets can be recycled onsite and we offer a cost-effective pallet repair service. We manufacture a full range of timber packing cases and crates, including heavy-duty close boarded and lightweight open boarded solutions.

Our Services

  • Pallets and packing cases manufacturer

  • Authorised manufacturer of CP Pallets

  • Heat treated for ISPM15 compliance

  • Kiln dried pallets and packing cases

  • Supplier to food, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries

  • Operating within the ISO9001 quality standard

  • Recycled pallets

  • Pallet repair services

  • Dry storage facility

  • Nationwide delivery

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Wooden crates and packing cases
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P&A Pallets & Packing Cases has always aimed to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. We are extremely proud to hold an FSC® certification (FSC®– C114990) and PEFC certification (PEFC/16-37-1490). Our membership to these recognised global authorities demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the environment and using sustainable timber from responsible sources.

P&A Pallets & Packing operates a zero waste policy: any unrepairable pallets are chipped and used to fuel our 200 kilowatt biomass boilers that heat our offices and warehouses. A high percentage of our raw material is sourced from home grown sawmills based in the UK using raw materials from responsibly managed forests. Our pallet recycling operation offers a full repair and recycling service, providing instant cost benefits for our customers. Broken pallets can be salvaged, stripped down and repaired. Any process waste is bagged and sold as kindling to local garages and coal merchants.

We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and our products. A key performance indicator is in place to reduce the amount of wood sent to landfill by 100%. We operate within ISO 9001 standards and all manufactured and sourced pallets are fully inspected for quality assurance. From reusing rain water, to installing four biomass boilers and four 30kW solar panel systems, we continue to lead by example in the industry.

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Operating within the pallet and packing cases industry for over 30 years has provided us with the expertise and knowledge you can rely on.

Timber Pallets and Crates

We can make pallets and packing cases to suit exact specifications.


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