Causes of Pallet Damages

Pallet longevity can easily be influenced by its usage. For example, if the pallet is intended to store perishable produces then there is a high chance of the wood deteriorating very fast as a result. The heaviness of the product is another factor; its weight will undoubtedly affect the durability of the pallet. Finally the distance the pallet will travel. If your pallet will be covering a small distance, there will be very minimal wear and tear, but if it will be covering a very long distance and extended travel periods, it will be damaged easily either by weather or in the course of the journey.

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Taking Care of the Pallet

The lifecycle of a wooden pallet will be significantly determined by the care and maintenance it receives. For example, how frequently it is repaired. The major problem that comes with a recycled pallet is that it can never provide the same durability and strength that a new one can offer. How often a pallet has been repaired will also determine its durability. To determine the longevity of pallet, you should consider whether the structure was heat-treated. A heat-treated wood will help to prevent any decay; unheated wood will quickly be affected by maggots inside or get damaged by weather.

The Lifespan of a Pallet

It is estimated that the average lifespan of a new wooden pallet is roughly three years which factors in some few repairs getting done along the way. After carrying out repairs the pallets will become weaker than it was before, it is advisable for the warehouse vendors to take good care of their wooden pallets while in their possession. They should repair them once they notice a single sign of damage, handle them as they would with vital machinery and reprocess them once they are worn out

Impact on the Environment

The manufactures of wooden pallets should evaluate and use sustainability procedures due to the increased pressure they face to conserve the environment. The escalating pressure comes from the sterner environmental regulations and the increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly products. To implement such measures, it will require the manufactures to enhance their system to improve eco-friendly products. This can be accomplished through a complete environmental assessment from pallet manufacturers.

Recycling of wooden pallets will have a significant impact on the environment as more trees will be saved since pallet industry will require minimal trees to produce wooden pallets. It will not only be an advantage to the environment but also humans’ health as trees increases oxygen levels and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is crucial for the pallet industry to continue with the recycling efforts so as to conserve the environment.