However you like to label them, reconditioned wooden pallets, used or second hand pallets are a vital part of the mix for many pallet users, and are a key link in the chain in order for us to offer a 100% sustainable pallet solution.

P&A Pallets recondition all of our pallets on-site and are subject to strict quality control procedures to ensure that only the highest-quality used pallets are available for purchase, and all of the waste wood produced by the reconditioning process is recycled as part of our ‘zero to waste’ policy.

reconditioned wooden pallets

We offer a comprehensive range of reconditioned pallet types, including standard wooden pallets, heat-treated wood pallets, euro pallets and more. We always have a large selection of used pallets in stock that have been pre-graded and sorted, ready for resale. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your reconditioned wood pallet requirements.