Used Euro Pallets

Our second hand Euro pallets meet all of the above requirements outlined by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) and, thus are marked with the EPAL pallet stamp.

Here at P&A Pallets, we provide top-quality second hand Grade A pallets and a more weathered Grade B euro pallet range, that both offer equal strength and performance at equally competitive rates.

More about Euro Pallets

Euro pallets are the most popular pallets in Europe, hence the name, and are used widely in the UK. This general-purpose, standardised, reusable wooden pallet range is ideal for the loading, distribution and display of goods as all Euro pallets measure 1200mm X 800mm and conform to full European regulations.

These wooden pallets were introduced to reduce the number of designs currently available across Europe in an attempt to standardise the industry.

The strict regulations, set out by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) even have guidelines to which timber and nails should be used in the manufacturing process. To prevent mould dry wood is used, an euro pallet must use at least 78 nails of a certain type (which should also follow a specific nailing pattern) and the final weight of the pallet should be between 20 and 25kg.