Local business, the P&A Group, based in Mold, is celebrating a successful international export project.

The P&A Group was tasked with manufacturing a container to ship machinery valued in excess of £750,000 from Deeside Industrial Estate to Japan during the most recent lockdown. P&A Pallets, which has been manufacturing packing cases for 35 years, designed and built the bespoke export packing case which had to be fitted on site.

The finished container, commissioned by Yamato Transport Europe B.V. on behalf of its client Calbee Group UK Ltd, measured over 2.7m in height, 4.6m in length and weighed over six tonnes. All the work completed under strict COVID guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Commenting on the success, Rhys Hughes, P&A Pallets director said:

“We frequently receive international packaging orders that require all hands on deck, utilising everyone’s skills and expertise.

This was an especially big packing case which required specialist manufacture not only because of its weight and size, but also as it had to be loaded into a sea container using a crane.”

P&A Pallets produce pallets and packing cases which are ideal for export for a wide range of businesses, as they are heat treated on site to a minimum core temperature of 56°C in a state-of-the-art kiln drying facility. This ensures they meet the ISPM15 Standard which now post Brexit is a legal requirement for goods moving to the EU and an internationally agreed standard designed to help protect the world’s forests from disease, and trade from any costly delays in transport. This process essentially gives the pallets and packing cases a worldwide passport.

P&A Pallets worked continuously throughout the two lockdowns in 2020, caused by the pandemic and continues to work through the third, supporting its key customers operating in the ‘Essential Services’ category. These include businesses in the food, medical, agriculture, chemical, building and nuclear industries, operating both in the UK and internationally.